Aldesko Catering Ltd



Food to Aldesko is all about passion, quality and belief that we are the best in our game!
Whether it is for simple or sophisticated, corporate or personal, the quality you will receive is what we pride ourselves on. All of our food is made fresh daily to ensure that the quality is paramount. We use local suppliers for meats and cheeses, as well as always searching for new and exciting ingredients for our customers. Customer service is essential to Aldesko, which is why we continue to grow regionally, and we aim to continue this with you on board.

  1. Choose your breads and platters
  2. If required, choose your additional options, including drinks
  3. Give us a call on 0771 5674 281 to place the order


Now all you have to do is wait for delivery and enjoy your food.
(We only need 24 hours notice, minimum order 5 people, and delivery is free)
Dietary requirements are available on request - please specify any allergies when ordering.